Friday, April 16, 2010


Alright, here are a few simple and logical facts about Criminals and their behavior.

a) Most criminals will be criminals regardless of what laws/regulations/acts/statutes are created to prevent this.

b) Criminals will carry weapons and guns, even if you pass a law banning them from doing so.

c) When criminals are the only ones carrying weapons and guns, leaving the vast majority of innocent civilians unarmed and unable to defend themselves, this gives criminals more opportunity to commit crime.

d) When criminals are the only ones allowed to carry guns, or if guns are heavily regulated, denying individuals their constitutional right to defend themselves and their family, crime rates will increase.

All of these are facts, if you don't believe me, watch Arizona over the next little while. They are currently one of the leading states in criminal activity but as a recent bill was passed, allowing Civilians to obtain access to guns, this will surely decrease. Switzerland allows it's civilians to carry weapons and their crime rate is so low, they don't even carry statistics for it. It is a fact that when people can bear arms, as it is constitutionally adequate, and they can defend themselves, crime rates will lower. Criminals don't want to break into homes knowing people have guns that can hurt them. The crime stays amongst the criminals for the most part. There will always be crime, that is something that can never stop as there will always be unstable people, but if they are better educated this can be prevented. Regardless, Arizona is now better off due to the passing of this bill.

Here is an article regarding Arizona's Bill: Arizona House Approves Concealed Weapons Bill

Here is an article regarding why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world: Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

Somebody Is Watching You

Now, not only does the government constantly watch and monitor you, but now your employer's can too. Even as a student in school, you can be under the watchful eye of the faculty, monitoring your thoughts and actions. Is this just another way of getting the people used to constant surveillance? Preparation for a full-blown military state? We are stepping in that direction, that is for sure. How sick is it that laptops, given to students, are then used to watch these students outside of school, as they have the power to turn the webcam on at anytime. Some of these laptops are in students bedrooms. Employers can monitor your personal life outside of work and then use it against you if, for example, your political beliefs are different. The cell phones and equipment you are given from Companies or Schools that you work/study with are used to regulate you. It's sad but at least you only get fired, whereas in the US, with the government, you can be held in confinement indefinitely for no real reason except thinking differently than they do.... WE NEED FREEDOM!

Here is an article on this: Bosses in the Bedroom

Ron Paul For 2012 part 2

Here is Ron Paul speaking to the Tea Party movement at Tax Tea Party Day in Washington, DC. He talks about how our government is failing us the people because they have gotten to big. Quote of the day:

"The role of government is to protect our liberties." - Ron Paul

The problem is our government is NOT taking this role.

Check out the speech here - RON PAUL'S TEA PARTY SPEECH


Barrack Obama led Ron Paul by 1%, 42% to 41% respectively, out of the polling. Liberty and Freedom is around the corner.

One thing that I am afraid of is (even Ron Paul question the legitimacy of the poll) that this is just another deceitful media ploy. Look at how the tea party was taken out of context... Now Sarah Palin is leading the Tea Party movement?? The tea party is now just another group of big government followers, it's sad, but its reality. It isn't what is was meant to be. Ron Paul has faith and hope, even says in the following interview he is optimistic, and is our only hope in truly gaining our freedom back. Not all tea party followers are sheep, which is why I believe Ron Paul still speaks to them, but many of them are simply sheep following a government shepherd; aimlessly following whichever face is put in front of them to give direction. Seriously.. Sara Palin is the leading voice/face of the tea party movement, a woman who, during a speech to the tea party crowd, had to write down notes on her hand, one was: Lift people's spirits.

Here is Ron Paul on Fox following the Poll results - Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ron Paul For 2012

Straw Poll Results and CNN episode

Ron Paul was 1 vote behind Mitt Romney for the lead, well ahead of Palin and Gingrich, in a recent straw poll taken to outlook potential Republican candidates. Here he is on CNN after the straw poll took place. If you notice, immediately Paul stresses the importance of liberty - your freedom - something we all should care about, personal liberty and freedom.

Check around 4:30 especially, as Ron Paul is talking about Government failure and national debt continuing to rise, the hosts panic, especially the female (don't know their names) as she starts bringing up pointless and off-topic issues such as racism. Racism keeps existing because Government and mainstream media keep bringing it up. You can even see her looking over at some producer standing behind the scenes waving her on. Even he says "it's blown out of proportion."

Blackwater, KBR, and Halliburton dissed

Colbert Report, April 5th, 2010

Great episode by Colbert, my favorite part being his diss of three corrupted Government contract companies, which took place during his "The Word" segment.