Thursday, May 13, 2010

Politically Failed Debates to Techno Music

In a recent Daily Show episode, John Stewart and John Oliver exploit how mechanically manipulative our politicians are becoming in their actions. They reveal how much of it is simply unintelligible acting; the truth is never interpreted and the people are of no concern. These politicians flash their "democratic" persona's and mix in a "suitable" identity so that the masses will succumb to their words. Barrack Obama is the greatest at it, that is when he has his teleprompter.

Daily Show - April 21, 2010

No Teleprompter 1

Here is Obama lying 7 times in under 2 minutes

More Obama Fail w/o Teleprompter

Also, in the Daily Show episode - An interview with Fred Pearce in which he and Steward discuss how difficult it is for women to be able to have a family and work simultaneously, thus the lack of mothers and increasing females into the workforce.