Saturday, May 2, 2009

Global Growth Rate

Since 2000, the world growth rate, has been steadily declining. We are currently at a combined world population of 6.7 billion people. In 2000 the world was increasing 1.3% every now. Last year it was increasing at a rate of 1.159%. In Canada and the U.S., combined, our population is approximately 360 million people, approximately 5% of the entire planets population. There are several facts, in regards to this topic, that have recently reached my attention.

For starters, I read that there are several "prominent scientists" who are exclaiming that the World is exceeding it's population. One of these individuals is the science and technology adviser for Hillary Clinton, Dr. Nina Fedoroff. Not only did she make mention of the agenda to "stem the population of the planet", but she also advocated her support of Genetically Modified foods, "slamming those who have criticized the unknown effects as living in the past." On top of that, she made this statement: "We wouldn’t think of going to our doctor and saying ‘Treat me the way doctors treated people in the 19th Century’, and yet that’s what we’re demanding in food production."

We've grown natural food for thousands, maybe millions of years. Many people have actually claimed that there is MORE than enough food to go around, it is only the governments and companies that handle it who cause the complications. Yet, they are stating that we shouldn't be afraid of "Unknown Effects." To date, there are actually Scientists and Governments who are conspiring onto ways to minimize population growth. For instance, in Australia, there are people claiming that families should be taxed $5000 annually in order to have a 2nd child. So, instead of the government aiding families, some which are struggling to survive, they'd rather be paid and blame the taxation on greenhouse gas emissions and energy complications.

There are diseases, especially in developing nations, such as Aids and Malaria that are killing millions of people. Not to mention the wars that take place, the occupations and the genocides. In Afghanistan, the population was increasing at a rate of 4.8% and it is projected now that by 2025, their growth rate will be diminished to 2.3%. The 3rd world is infested with diseases such as Aids and Malaria, and instead of helping, the Pope is making a visit, who claimed in the Times that Condoms were wrong and that they actually increased the chance of getting Aids. It seems to me that, rather than helping people survive, we are being forced to struggle to live, wherever we are. Whether it be here, in North America, living an average life span as a male of 68 years old. Living in debt, under constant surveillance, surrounded by drugs and everything immorally wrong. Or in Africa, where 44 countries have a life expectancy of under 50 years, the lowest being Sierra Leone, a life expectancy of less than 26 years old.

Without the 3rd world, 90% of the items in North America wouldn't exist. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't more. If anything, we should be thanking and helping these people, many of which come and help us here, to be as successful as we can be. As content as we should be. For us, here, the biggest problem is that our government and corporations don't give us enough money to afford to live of what they sell to us. And most of what they sell to us, they know we can't afford. All of this revolves around money.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recession Effects

Yeah, I am feeling it. Not quite as bad as I had thought, but it's still clearly visible. I'm not sure if everyone's feeling it as it was predicted, but I haven't been everywhere to see it. What I do know is that the worst ever economical crisis was predicted and is currently taking place. Millions of people are suffering from it and all the while we have the White House spending money to allow a Photo-Op and high-costing flight of an Air Force One back-up, which took place over New York, near to where the Twin Towers once where. The people of New York weren't notified, even the mayor claimed he didn't know. Earlier, the President flew his Air Force One 150 miles to Virgina to meet with Congress at a Resort and Spa. I mean, of all the ways he could have transported himself, he decided to spend a few million dollars to do it. All the while, there are millions of people suffering, spending $1.50 for ever $1.00 that they make.
Where is the logic in that, although I'm sure there's money coming out of the stimulus bill for all these expenses, so regardless someones paying for it. While our governments confer at spas and use expensive transportation to travel the world, we, the hard working people, struggle to survive.