Friday, April 2, 2010

Lindorff: Impeach Barack

Here is an interesting article in which facts are laid out as to why President Obama and many other members of his Administration and the previous Bush Administration should be impeached for War Crimes and Crimes against the constitution:

The Case for Impeachment of President Barack Obama

And the worst part about this is that we are paying for all of this... through taxes. Ron Paul mentioned in the video I included in the last post that IRS agents will be carrying guns to collect taxes... Fiscal-Military State anyone?... Wake up to reality.

Health Care Deformation

Ron Paul discussing with Lew Rockwell how the recent Health Care reform in America is actually going to harm the American people and restrain quality of health care. Check it out, here:

There is a lot of good information in this radio chat between these two very intellectual and qualified individuals: Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul

Do some research, both these men care about YOUR freedom and YOUR liberty, so maybe it's time to care about it too.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Fox News discussing Obama and Israel relations and Israel's plan to build 1,800 apartments in East Jerusalem, a portion which belongs to the Palestinian people. The article mentions nothing of the fact that this is illegal and would mean that Israel is breaking Humanitarian Laws set forth in the Geneva convention. This is another step, blatantly revealing Israel's oppression of Palestinians, yet the reality of the situation is completely altered. As I mentioned, this is illegal (one of the estimated 154 UN Laws Israel is currently breaking) and that fact wasn't even mentioned in the article, nothing of the sort was. The story instead speculated on how Obama was wrong in possibly orchestrating the construction to continue on, as planned. The only fact in this article is that Obama is meeting with the Israeli prime minister and that a former mayor of New York (highest Jewish population outside of Israel, almost the same) had something to say about it.
Here is the article:

Here are some videos showing what is really happening over there, with real life footage of real people in real situations:

Israeli Soldier's Shooting At Civilian Farmer's

Gaza: The Killing Zone - Israel/Palestine (This is what our governments are supporting)

As stated in previous posts, before the mass amounts of Zionests flocked and invaded the land previously known as the British Mandate of Palestine, the Jews that lived their with Arabs, did so in peace, without conflict.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Govern Who?

To put it simply, our governments are not doing anything near to what they are supposed to be doing. It doesn't matter how far back you look into history, the whole idea of government was to have a body of like minded individuals with the ability to represent the people's best interests. They were implemented to offer protection and to work for the people.

Today, this has been reversed, where WE WORK FOR OUR GOVERNMENTS, and it is as literal as it sounds. In both Constitution Acts of Canada and the United States, it says that these are only applicable to Employees of the appropriate Corporation (for us, the Corporation of Canada) and that what ever bi-laws, acts and regulations they create, can only be enforced to the Employees.

It is tricky and fairly complicated, but such a realm has been created in which each one of us are actually two entities, two people; One, a corporate entity, registered as an employee (birth certificate, SIN/SSN) and therefore forced to follow every one of the hundreds of acts, regulations and bi-laws that have been created. They have even made it so that they are able to use force on us. And the other, seemingly non-existent, but in reality, it is the real us, the one that is not forced to do things against their will, or that is referred to as numbers.

Why should be pay thousands of more dollars to our government for licenses, fees, taxes or whatever else they charge us for? Because that is how they've created the system to work, in their favor. It was once supposed to be for the benefit of the people, whom the governing body was representing. Instead, we have become enslaved the moment we are registered as their property and we are not even given a chance to independently speak or think freely. Times have changed, and they always keep changing, I just hope that more and more of us realize we can effect the change for our better; the peoples better.

A few examples of how this system is harming us:

- We are reliant upon our government, rather than them being reliant on us.

- We are unable to live properly, freely; although we are heavily deceived into believing that we can.

- We cannot do anything without our governments permission and therefore, they know what we are doing 95% of the time.

- Our economy is run by a system which creates the phenomenon known as "Inflation", which in turn leads to interest rates and prices rising. So many people are unemployed and left stranded, while big banks and corporations are bailed out with billions of taxpayer dollars and government authorities and CEO's receive millions in bonuses from those same taxpayer's pockets. There is nothing actually backing the value of money, so inflation must exists for this to flow properly. Only problem is, it ends up flowing over top of and consuming those known as the consumers leaving only a few people profiting heavily.

- Government regulation on gun control: It is a fact that in States in America where the government has not removed people's Constitutional Right to bear arms, Crime rates are actually lower. Look at the country of Switzerland, everyone has a gun, no one dies. The reason for this is simple: when people are given their Right to bear arms, they are able to protect and defend them and their family. Those considering breaking into a home or robbing someone will be much more hesitant in doing so knowing that their is a gun in the home.

- Obviously, poverty plays into this, but poverty only exits because nothing is actually free, because people cannot freely decide how they want to be successful. People cannot be themselves, hence the constant trend in people trying to be others (celebrities, pop culture figures) or anything but who they truly are.