Friday, February 27, 2009

U.S. Congress to Approve Something

For the past several years the United States has been able to give Israel an average of $3 billion per year, yet after large scale desecration of Palestinian land, infrastructure and people, they are awaiting the approval of the congress (which has not had very much say in anything lately) on $900 million dollars in aid to Palestine. The estimated cost of damage is just under $2 billion. Let's hope that there is more aid going in Palestine's direction, especially considering the United States, who can give $3 billion to Israeli military, is not even able to give a third of that for the damage their funded ally caused.

Obama Administration to Donate $900 million to Palestine

U.S. Aid to Isreal

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple Logical Questionaire

These are questions I would extremely enjoy asking any Politician or individual who is supporting what the decisions and actions taking place from our "elected" leaders.

a) If someone came into your home, forced you out, and beat you, stating "This is no longer your property," how would you feel? Better yet, how would you react?

b) If you saw this happening amongst all your relatives and friends, what would your reaction be then?

c) If your land was overrun with armed foreign soldiers who overthrew your government and in place put their choice as the best representative for the people into power, what would you think?

d) If those soldiers remained there for several years (longer than WWII), and the state of livelihood had diminished and more people were killed since before they occupied, what would you think then?

e) If occupying soldiers and civilians alike were not allowing proper food to get to your children, relatives and friends, how would you react to this?

f) What if you, as an innocent civilian, were constantly under threat, bombings, and oppression (such as Identity cards, boundaries, etc...), how would this make you feel?

g) If your children were at threat on a daily basis and were afraid to leave their home due to the fear of losing you, how would this make you feel?

Now for an instant, imagine each of these questions being a daily occurrence in your life, because these are facts of how people are living and being treated in American and Israel occupied nations.

The Occupation Continues

Lately I've been very ill so I haven't had much of a chance to update my blog. Here are some interesting things I have found in regards to the still continuing Middle East occupation. With the United States occupying and governing the largest oil producing nations (Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine [through their funded illegal state of Israel], Saudi Arabia [bin Laden family and Bush family are business associates], and soon-to-be Iran or possibly even Russia, with more bloodshed through each country since America's unorthodox invasion, it should be apparent and obvious to many people that this is a corrupted and vile situation. It is disturbing to know the level of selfishness and ignorance that coexists amongst the Western World, which is supposed to be Holy and Righteous as according to the Word of God. Why do you think a shoe was thrown at Bush? Why do you think so many people are questioning what is happening around them? I thank God that there are few people with the intelligence and common sense to open their eyes.

Palestine, once a nation where Arabs and Jews resided peacefully, is now in total dismay, ever since the Zionist movement. If there are Jews opposing those ideals, should that not say something about what is happening? People who speak their mind, who exercise their freedom to speak, are protesting what is happening, Christian's, Jews, Atheists, Muslims alike are standing, united, under the hope that we can all truly be free from despair and oppression.

UN warns Israeli of civilian location, Israel strikes anyways.