Friday, February 20, 2009

Immortal Technique

There is an artist that I have been listening to for quite some time. This is an artist that I have a lot of respect for. Both his music and his personality are fascinating and intriguing, especially considering he is one of too few people who will absolutely always speak their mind. He is knowledgeable and informative, as he speaks truth and gives facts. A man with intelligence is a man who is armed, but once that man's mind opens to reality, he is well-equipped and ready to
engage in whatever comes his way. This is a perfect example of that kind of man. One of my favorite aspects though of his personality is that he is real, something that too few people know anything about.

Check out his blog postings on the site. And here is an amazing song by him.

The 3rd World

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Power of Money

Money is an illusion. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there is no value in money, I am saying that there is no value behind it. Some people may disagree but it is a fact that the value of money was once accounted for by gold. You could walk into a bank and ask for the exact value in gold in exchange for the value of money you were giving.

Today, money is literally created out of thin air. There are systems, such as the Federal reserve, which are in control of the availability and flow of money. They are responsible for inflation, credit, depreciation. The Fed has approximately $20 billion in assets from overnight repurchase agreements (a.k.a. Repo), which is the number one primary asset of the Fed in dealing with the open market.

We are told we need money in order for survival, and sadly we do. We are told to buy something that we cannot afford because we are only given so much money from the same people who are telling us once we buy whatever it is we spend our money on, that item, that things value has depreciated, diminished, as according to them. Them being the government and those who control the money, the Fed. It is said that the newest Chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, who preceded Alan Greenspan, is the 4th most powerful man in the world. That's quit the title, claiming that money is one powerful thing that has been created.

Yes, it is important that we have a way of controlling business, to maintain the flow of economy. We are told that inflation is a good, but how is it good when every day it costs us more to live than it did the day before. Money is a method of control. Logically and simply put if are unable to have it than we are unable to survive. Think about how much wealth is spread throughout the world in things such as oil, at a point in time ivory, diamonds (which are a perfect example of how value and money are methods of control [There are more diamonds than cubic zirconia in the world, yet Diamonds are considered more valuable.]) yet there are only so few who are prosperous and rich.

With money equals greed and everything around us is telling us to squander and spend "lavishly", take out loans (which are the stupidest thing in the world, let me take some money from you and give you back [in a lot of cases] my house or twice as much since I cannot afford the things you determine the value of, such as living.) Yes, I'm ranting, but there is a lot of power behind money and it controls the way the world works. Not the people working hard to earn the money but the people who decide what is worth what and how much people are given.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Zionist Jews vs Orthodox Jews

Here are two videos illustrating the treatment of Orthodox Jews from Zionist Jews. There are Orthodox Jews protesting against not only the treatment of Palestinians but also of the existence of the state of Israel. You can see exactly how the Zionists react, and how the Orthodox Jews don't even fight back, how they remain as calm as possible, even after witnessing those close to them being beaten and tasered, even in the face of the same fate. I find it absolutely disgusting and it should show a little reality towards the reasoning behind why there is unrest in the Holy Land.