Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Deception

Recently, the newly elected President passed a $700 billion dollar bail-out plan to fix the financial distress of America, using tax money from it's hardworking citizens. The American economy is currently facing a crisis, some are saying its effects are comparable or even worse than the Great Depression and that it is the fault of former President, George W. Bush. The thing is, it is not technically his fault, it is though in the reasoning of him being the "elected official which represents the best interests of the American people." George W. Bush did lie to the people of America, but he is most known for his stupidity. All of it, an act. Sean Penn, Daniel Day-Lewis, Forest Whitaker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jamie Foxx, and Adrien Brody don't deserve the Oscars, even though they did some amazing performances. No, the Best Actor award should have continuously been given to George W. Bush. The more dumb he appeared, the more forgiving people were for his mistakes. Sure, people have limits with their toleration, but someone known for making mistakes is usually given more leeway in the mistakes they make, since it is a common aspect of that individual.

Barrack Obama was the new face, representing change and security to the American people. He promised to pull the troops out of Iraq within six months, promised to save the ailing economy and restore the foundation of Patriotism and the Constitution by abolishing the Patriot Act. Since his inauguration Obama has continuously changed his statements about pull troops from Iraq, the time raising to 16 then to 23 months. Following that, he stated not all the troops would be taken out and there would be more troops being placed into Afghanistan. There goes a promise of Peace in the Middle East but instead further occupation.

Obama's next promise, saving the economy, is quite the deceiving situation. He is, after all, quite the public speaker, able to move the masses with his words and charisma. People believe everything he says, as a beacon of hope. His entire administration consists of Wall Street executives and other individuals closely tied to the Federal Reserve, including his Presidential Advisor, Alan Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve. On national television Alan Greenspan publicly stated that the Federal Reserve is literally above the law and that they control the flow of the money and the economy according to however they perceive is the best method. Ben Bernanke, chairman of the F.R., is considered the 4th most powerful figure in the world.

The Presidency is the greatest deception created, and the people who play the role are the greatest actors. Now, I'm not saying every single President that has been in power has been corrupted, but I'd say the majority of their administration and involvement, whether conscious or not, was corrupted. The Federal Reserve caused America to be bankrupt since the 1930s and has since only been making Wall Street and companies such as AIG, JPMorgan Chase and all the major banks and financial companies protected and prosperous, leaving the American people to slave away for their benefit. Think about it: Military Industrial Complex, Social Security Numbers, Wall Street running the White House. The new Best Actor award should be handed from George to Obama. Watch the following movie

The Obama Deception

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ignorance is Bliss?

I have been wondering lately if ignorance truly is bliss, or if that is a term that was created, such as the term terrorism. Simply put; people who are ignorant believe to be in a blissful state because of their inability to become fully aware of the facts. The little information, which is usually preferred by the ignorant, that is given is sufficient, regardless of the biased or illogical aspects of what is being presented. People who are ignorant lose a lot about themselves, as I have found, because they have closed their minds so tightly that they are unable to see reality. Therefore, they become enclosed in a false world of lies and deceit.

How can someone who lies to them self ever be truly in a state of bliss? Logically and simply put, they can't. It is even worse once the entire concept of ignorance is incorporated and collaborated with lack of education, or rather, stupidity. Now, much of the "stupidity" or people can be put to blame on the knowledge we are taught and the education system itself. People are unable to open their minds to anything other than what they are told, because that is what we in the western world are taught and told to become. It appears to me that everything that is right is wrong, everything in society is backwards. Justice is blind (and I don't mean it in the terms it is meant to be in, rather it is literally blinded by corruption), ignorance is bliss, and fluoride is in our water.

Here is a video portraying the stupidity of people.

Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES.

Here is a list of the ten most corrupt politicians.