Saturday, February 6, 2010

Regulate Me (Not)

History is the collection of past events and data organized in a chronological fashion (with prestige taken into account) to determine what happened up until "now." I'm still wondering what exactly has happened to bring us to where we are today. Then again, historically, we've been on this path for awhile. History is important, because in many ways, it helps define what and who we are today; as nations, as families and as individuals. We can learn from it, build from it and adapt with it. It is the cause of celebration and sometimes of sorrow. It is everything we, as humans, have ever done, all that we have left of our ancestors. So, one question I have is: Why is history tainted, misinterpreted and manipulated? Why has it become narrowed, controlled and stupefied to the point where in some cases it is not even understood? History is apart of education, and education is one of many things that is regulated.

Regulation, to some degree is important, but it is not needed, especially when it comes to peoples liberties, and it should only be used to protect against fraud and personal endangerment. Most of our societies aspects today are completely regulated. From employment, to business in general, to media, politics, education, money, economies, to our lives. Everything we are taught from a child through public education is narrowed down and regulated. There are no options for knowledge, every school teaches the same thing (Catholic and Christian schools teach their respective religious beliefs). Corporations and Banks control the entire economy, including employment and business opportunities and government regulations actually diminish the opportunity for market growth and entrepreneurial ventures. What we see on television is regulated so that specific messages are sent; repetitive, mundane, and biased perspectives fed through all media mediums.

Society, today, as a whole, has been stupefied slowly. History actually tells us of moments where this is a fact, for example twice to my knowledge the SAT tests in America have been changed (dumbed down) to allow for higher averages across the board. So you make it easier for people, so you look like your doing a good job... Typical cop out. I don't like the fact that in America, there is a law suit that states "If any teacher or institute teaches the Christian religion (rather than what is taught now, Evolution [which gives everyone the image that they are their own god and that nothing is above them and that we came from lesser species, so we are technically lesser species and our only purpose is to survive... it's fairly negative if you ask me]), than they will be sued. It's blackmailing but it is somehow upheld. Television and movies are diminishing in intellect but soaring in immoral and deficient illustrations. Programs are stupider with brainless, aimless people. The message is all the same and it all reflects back to the same principle: Money.

Money is important and more important is an economy because it reflects success and prosperity amongst people. Now, the American economy (currently complete trash thanks to our politicians, the Federal Reserve and our Bankers and Wall Street execs who apparently "didn't see this coming" and that, well "it happens every 5 to 7 years" [By the way, those are REAL QUOTES!]) is suffering and because of this the people are suffering. The majority of people are struggling to survive, a large percentage do not even have a job, yet there still seem to be a few people making millions and billions through bonuses and other "investments"... at the expense of the taxpayers dollar... and all these tax payers are struggling on a daily basis to provide for themselves and their families. Doesn't seem very fair to me, and I blame this directly on government regulation.

Another source of regulation that exists is one that particularly amuses me because it directly conflicts with constitutional rights (which are historically, the main [and should be only] source of law). This is the right to bear arms to protect ones country and ones freedoms. Gun's have been banned and/or regulated and doing so is a direct conflict upon peoples liberties. After all, it is going against the constitution, the law that formed the land. It is a fact that crime rates increase when guns are banned or regulated. It is common sense without a firearm, people cannot defend themselves against a criminal. People have the right to protect themselves and their families, and it also states in the constitution, they have the right to overthrow their government if they aren't governing correctly, or are corrupt. Currently, our government officials and authorities are manipulating society and regulating our every action, telling us we are free, but diminishing it through surveillance and misdirection. There are a few good people left in politics and look at how, for example, Ron Paul was diminished through the government regulated television (especially the major news networks) and during debates and rallies he was drowned out. Thank God people are finally listening to what he has to say, hopefully their will be more people like him.

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