Saturday, May 30, 2009


Two days ago it was my birthday, I am officially 22 years of age. I've taken quite a bit of time to ponder the years that have passed since I was brought into this world. A lot has happened and I still have so much to accomplish in life. I haven't had much time to write on this blog lately, in fact my entire writing progress has taken a toll for the worse lately. Regardless, it won't stop me and here I am writing what is on my mind more for the sake of writing itself. My analyzing and observing over twenty two years have left me with a lot of knowledge. Here are some things that I have noticed about myself and others around me here in North America as of recent:

People take things for granted, and I mean everything for granted. From vehicles and gas, to family and friends, from money and food, to the earth and all it's inhabitants. One major part for this is the lack of respect. We, each and every one of us, are brought into this world by at least one parent, and even nowadays parents are lacking big time in their responsibilities and choices. The human life is not respected or appreciated enough, therefore so many people take life for granted. Here, in the Western Civilized World, we are all given so many advantages above the rest of the world, yet we choose to take them for granted.

A lot of people choose to be ignorant, thinking it will make them bliss, but in all reality keeping an open mind gives freedom to the soul. When you close your mind, you close off everything around you, leaving you alone. People can support and if united can build and accomplish, but we choose to be indifferent or decide to act upon the differences, releasing negativity. Instead of optimism it is the pessimism that we consume and react with.