Friday, April 30, 2010

Gerald Celente Survives Earthquake in Chile

Check out this radio interview where Gerald Celente discusses how he and three other people exited out of a hotel they were staying in during an earthquake that happened recently in Chile. They were the only ones outside of it and made it out in what they estimated of three minutes. The earthquake had a magnitude rating of 8.8 that lasted approximately 90 seconds. He compares America to Chile in terms of economic instability and corruption. Good discussion - Gerald Celente with Rick Wiles on TruNews March 30th, 2010

Here is an article he wrote in which he claims Wall Street killed Main Street - It also features some interesting forecasts by him.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Selling Souls To Corporatists

Great article here by Butler Shaffer titled How We Lost Our Souls. It is featured on which is an amazing website to check out that is one of only a few locations you can find willing to speak the truth and reveal reality. This article discusses American corruption and deceit from above and the shadow that is cast over the people, blinding them from reality. It divulges into aspects of the war and also discusses different instances in which the American government committed criminal acts.

Ron Paul is often featured on this site among many other renowned authors, economists and political analysts. Rep. Ron Paul has a recent article titled - Socialism vs Corporatism - in which he says to not call Barrack Obama a Socialist but to instead call him a Corporatist. He also makes mention of how Barrack's alleged savior-like health care reform bill will actually impose the government to ENFORCE people to pay for health insurance or they will be subjected to pay a fine. The "cap-and-trade" bill provides subsidies and special privileges to large businesses that engage in "carbon trading."

Do you know about the Carbon Tax they are trying to impose? They literally want to tax us for naturally exhaling...

Both of these articles are fascinating and worth a read as they exploit real instances and real situations to help us better define the people we call our government and the reality behind the scenes.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Do you enjoy Gardening? I hope not... Because the US government is imposing yet another Liberty-thieving bill which would remove a person's right to own, grow, trade, transport, share, feed, and eat every food which nature provides us, naturally. Currently, the highest cause of death in the US is Health Related. This Bill would appointed Monsanto with unlimited power over all agriculture and food supplements/seeds. Monsanto, the company that makes GENETICALLY MODIFIED food. Who needs real food when you can eat food that isn't actually food... Nutrition no longer exists... Yet they wonder why obesity rises and people die from unhealthy eating habits.

Read this article, it outlines how this has been coming since Bill Clinton removed local foot processors (with no history of contamination) from inspecting meat, leaving it up to the meat packers to inspect themselves and includes the new S510 Food and Safety Modernization Act of 2010: S 510 is hissing in the grass

Another recent bill that is disturbing was John McCain's recent proposition of Bill which I included in an earlier post titled: Where Is Freedom?

After all, that is a very good question: Where is the Freedom? It is continuously modified to best suit the needs of our government but never the needs of us, the people. Same goes for our food, modified not for our interests and needs but for the interests and needs of lobbyist and government authorities being paid or paying into this genetically modified food.

Here is some information on Monasanto - Monsanto, Poison & Genes (documentary, 2008)

Internet vs Internet 2

The Internet is our only method of receiving reality outside of the tiny boxes that have been placed discreetly over each of our enclosed lives. Continuously the manipulation of the masses consistently malfunctions community, family and independence - we are losing sovereignty, freedom and liberty. The Internet is the only thing left resembling a Free Market and is the only way ALL opinions can be heard and ALL facts can be found. Yet, it is being discredited, discoursed deviation, even to the point of mainstream media classifying internet journalism as terrorism. So thinking outside of the box and having an opinion on real life is now considered an act of terrorism. The Government doesn't care about you: They only care that you keep giving them your money. And if you disagree: your not a Patriot for believing in the constitution and they can arrest and hold you indefinitely under the Patriot Act. Good name for it... I'll give them that, as most American's are so stupid, they hear the title and assume it's Patriotic when in all reality it is another Government method of removing your freedom and stealing your liberty. Another way for them to remain in total control. Now they wanna completely censor the internet.