Monday, February 15, 2010

Say What?

Since when is Barrack Obama allowed to say he just "came into this mess?" O.K., so we all know George W. Bush was NOT a good president (although some [ahem, Freemasons], would disagree). He did a lot to damage the economy, started unnecessary and corrupt wars, and even committed fraud (Just like what has happened in the "Democratic" nation of Afghanistan. It was PROVEN that the President [American placed] Hamid Karzai was elected through Fraud in his 2nd election, the first was also heavily questioned. Also, Karzai's brother is still operating as the biggest Druglord in Afghanistan. Can anyone help explain why Opium production/exporting has increases since America's occupation?) in his 2nd election.

Now, Barack Obama comes into play, the man leading the charge, promising change. So far, he has done EVERYTHING his predecessors have, including spending astonishing amounts of tax-payer dollars. He bailed on the people responsible for this Crisis who will only LEND MORE TAX-PAYER DOLLARS which will NEED TO BE PAYED BACK by TAX PAYER DOLLARS. What makes me the most agitated over this is the fact that these guys are laughing at us. Literally, the "big bankers", CEO's of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, actually have the audacity to claim "we over-looked this" and that "this sort of thing happens every five to seven years." It happens every five to seven years because they cause it to happen.

These Politicians, for the most part, are comedic fabrications of what a true political leader should be. We allow these people (Politicians and Banks/Corporations), and worst of all the FEDERAL RESERVE, to take responsibility of our money and all they do is spend it non-stop with NOTHING but OUR MONEY to back it up. It's quite ridiculous, how vague the real picture is revealed, and how naive people have become to the truth. It's easier giving up I guess, it's simpler ignoring. I guess I've just had enough of watching people suffer and feeling the effects myself to keep sitting still, pretending it'll be O.K.

Out of 300,000,000 + people, that's THREE HUNDRED MILLION PLUS PEOPLE, the world superpower, nearly 20% are unemployed. That's 60,000,000 + people, SIXTY MILLION PLUS PEOPLE out of work, unable to support themselves and their families. One in Five people. 1 in 5. So why is Barack smiling so much? Oh, that's right, because he and everyone else he knows are rich, continuing to make money, and not doing a damn thing about it to help get that money back to us, the hard-working majority, properly and securely.

Said Best

Rom Paul discusses more on our current economic crisis and other world-wise financial situations. Check it out. He always says it best, not to mention, he has FACTS and is the most logical politician out there. More people need to listen to what he has to say and pray that he gets elected into power.