Sunday, April 25, 2010


Do you enjoy Gardening? I hope not... Because the US government is imposing yet another Liberty-thieving bill which would remove a person's right to own, grow, trade, transport, share, feed, and eat every food which nature provides us, naturally. Currently, the highest cause of death in the US is Health Related. This Bill would appointed Monsanto with unlimited power over all agriculture and food supplements/seeds. Monsanto, the company that makes GENETICALLY MODIFIED food. Who needs real food when you can eat food that isn't actually food... Nutrition no longer exists... Yet they wonder why obesity rises and people die from unhealthy eating habits.

Read this article, it outlines how this has been coming since Bill Clinton removed local foot processors (with no history of contamination) from inspecting meat, leaving it up to the meat packers to inspect themselves and includes the new S510 Food and Safety Modernization Act of 2010: S 510 is hissing in the grass

Another recent bill that is disturbing was John McCain's recent proposition of Bill which I included in an earlier post titled: Where Is Freedom?

After all, that is a very good question: Where is the Freedom? It is continuously modified to best suit the needs of our government but never the needs of us, the people. Same goes for our food, modified not for our interests and needs but for the interests and needs of lobbyist and government authorities being paid or paying into this genetically modified food.

Here is some information on Monasanto - Monsanto, Poison & Genes (documentary, 2008)

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