Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple Logical Questionaire

These are questions I would extremely enjoy asking any Politician or individual who is supporting what the decisions and actions taking place from our "elected" leaders.

a) If someone came into your home, forced you out, and beat you, stating "This is no longer your property," how would you feel? Better yet, how would you react?

b) If you saw this happening amongst all your relatives and friends, what would your reaction be then?

c) If your land was overrun with armed foreign soldiers who overthrew your government and in place put their choice as the best representative for the people into power, what would you think?

d) If those soldiers remained there for several years (longer than WWII), and the state of livelihood had diminished and more people were killed since before they occupied, what would you think then?

e) If occupying soldiers and civilians alike were not allowing proper food to get to your children, relatives and friends, how would you react to this?

f) What if you, as an innocent civilian, were constantly under threat, bombings, and oppression (such as Identity cards, boundaries, etc...), how would this make you feel?

g) If your children were at threat on a daily basis and were afraid to leave their home due to the fear of losing you, how would this make you feel?

Now for an instant, imagine each of these questions being a daily occurrence in your life, because these are facts of how people are living and being treated in American and Israel occupied nations.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting. Really puts it in perspective, huh?

    I, for one, can't even begin to imagine what that life must be like. Maybe being thankful for that ignorance is selfish on my part.