Thursday, April 1, 2010


Fox News discussing Obama and Israel relations and Israel's plan to build 1,800 apartments in East Jerusalem, a portion which belongs to the Palestinian people. The article mentions nothing of the fact that this is illegal and would mean that Israel is breaking Humanitarian Laws set forth in the Geneva convention. This is another step, blatantly revealing Israel's oppression of Palestinians, yet the reality of the situation is completely altered. As I mentioned, this is illegal (one of the estimated 154 UN Laws Israel is currently breaking) and that fact wasn't even mentioned in the article, nothing of the sort was. The story instead speculated on how Obama was wrong in possibly orchestrating the construction to continue on, as planned. The only fact in this article is that Obama is meeting with the Israeli prime minister and that a former mayor of New York (highest Jewish population outside of Israel, almost the same) had something to say about it.
Here is the article:

Here are some videos showing what is really happening over there, with real life footage of real people in real situations:

Israeli Soldier's Shooting At Civilian Farmer's

Gaza: The Killing Zone - Israel/Palestine (This is what our governments are supporting)

As stated in previous posts, before the mass amounts of Zionests flocked and invaded the land previously known as the British Mandate of Palestine, the Jews that lived their with Arabs, did so in peace, without conflict.

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