Friday, April 16, 2010


Alright, here are a few simple and logical facts about Criminals and their behavior.

a) Most criminals will be criminals regardless of what laws/regulations/acts/statutes are created to prevent this.

b) Criminals will carry weapons and guns, even if you pass a law banning them from doing so.

c) When criminals are the only ones carrying weapons and guns, leaving the vast majority of innocent civilians unarmed and unable to defend themselves, this gives criminals more opportunity to commit crime.

d) When criminals are the only ones allowed to carry guns, or if guns are heavily regulated, denying individuals their constitutional right to defend themselves and their family, crime rates will increase.

All of these are facts, if you don't believe me, watch Arizona over the next little while. They are currently one of the leading states in criminal activity but as a recent bill was passed, allowing Civilians to obtain access to guns, this will surely decrease. Switzerland allows it's civilians to carry weapons and their crime rate is so low, they don't even carry statistics for it. It is a fact that when people can bear arms, as it is constitutionally adequate, and they can defend themselves, crime rates will lower. Criminals don't want to break into homes knowing people have guns that can hurt them. The crime stays amongst the criminals for the most part. There will always be crime, that is something that can never stop as there will always be unstable people, but if they are better educated this can be prevented. Regardless, Arizona is now better off due to the passing of this bill.

Here is an article regarding Arizona's Bill: Arizona House Approves Concealed Weapons Bill

Here is an article regarding why Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world: Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World


  1. "Guns are deeply rooted within Swiss culture" - North American culture does not have the same moral standards as those in Europe, particularly in Switzerland. The culture that a society enforces depicts the general morale of people and the power of governing laws. North American culture is primed with sex, drugs and guns. They are brought up on a culture that teaches kids and adults alike to kill random people in order to steal their cars and whatever else violence in the media sets forth. North America seems to enforce a reactive approach; instead of ingraining proper collective morale, they are told that they have rights and freedoms to defend themselves from those who may harm them. America creates an army to protect their country from what? Terrorists? Intruders? What are their reasons for acts against America? Contrasting, the Swiss, "Instead of a standing, full-time army [like the U.S.], [Switzerland] requires every man to undergo some form of military training for a few days or weeks a year throughout most of their lives." Does this not enforce a collective sense of a) pride in ones country b) understanding of ones own safety in addition to the respect for a fellow neighbour.

    True, criminals may be criminals regardless, and each citizen has the freedom and right to defend themselves. However, maybe the very low, if not diminished statistical crime rate of Switzerland, is confounded by the morals "deeply rooted in Swiss culture". The crime rate in Arizona, by way of already deeply ingrained morals of it citizens, may not see a decrease. It may very well open the doors for those inevitable criminals to have easier access to the tools that they need. But it’s okay.. his neighbour will have his gun too.

  2. Interesting comment Anonymous, have you ever read the original Canadian, Quebec or American (as this is what we are discussing) Constitution? I'm guessing not as you would then understand that North America was founded on the principles of people bearing arms to defend themselves, their nation and if necessary, to overthrow corrupted and dishonest government. Why do you think militias exist in the United States?
    Oh and America has tons of cultural and national pride, a) McDonalds, Wal-Mart, and the Yankees- You missed the points of this and instead of looking at the facts, went straight to an argumentative response about Society and Culture when I am discussing how this Bill being passed is allowing people their constitutional rights, a small step toward Freedom and Liberty.
    And American creates an army to make money from them, to use them accordingly. The army should be there to defend the nation and it's people, not the government. The government should be fearful of the people. You do not fully understand the depths of Freedom and Liberty. You are right when you discuss there being differences between Swiss and American culture. Swiss has always been a peaceful nation, staying neutral during the former World Wars, but regardless, it is the principle that is being discussed, not the moral psychology or sociology. The principle that, every person deserves the right to defend themselves and their family as it was written by our founding fathers hundreds of years ago.
    EVEN IF there are gun laws outlawing guns altogether, CRIMINALS will always have them. Just as when Alcohol was prohibited, it was still available and the Criminals still had it. And you know what, Criminals can have all the guns they want as long as I can have some to defend myself.
    And btw, America and Europe do have similar Moral Backgrounds, in fact, the Euro currency nations are identical, they are all under the UN.
    Check the picture I added to the blog.

  3. One thing I will agree with you on is how America portrays guns, drugs and sex, and how they are misguidedly conceived and ridiculously important. Their is so much misinformation and lack or proper education, it is actually sad. Morality is twisted world wide right now, everywhere regarding everything. All I try to do is stress the importance of Life and Freedom/Liberty with this blog and exploit the wrong and point toward the right as best I can. I may be wrong sometimes but I just try to give the facts as I seem them.
    There is a common sense thing, as well as a gut instinct, that also coincides the conscious and conscience mind. The problem is, most people can't grasp reality enough to see/use any of them clear enough. This is a Western World majority phenomenon but also stretches everywhere, as nearly every country is run by the same standard: Big government, Fiat currency, Inflation and Taxation. Throw fear into the people and make the government seem to be the savior and you have them on lock. The less government, the better and more free the people will be. We are not in control of our lives as we should be, this is why allowing people to defend themselves is something I want to show on my blog as it is important for people to know a) that right has been stripped from most people in the first place and b) people NEED to defend themselves, from criminals and government alike, especially considering most government officials these days are criminals anyway.