Friday, April 16, 2010

Somebody Is Watching You

Now, not only does the government constantly watch and monitor you, but now your employer's can too. Even as a student in school, you can be under the watchful eye of the faculty, monitoring your thoughts and actions. Is this just another way of getting the people used to constant surveillance? Preparation for a full-blown military state? We are stepping in that direction, that is for sure. How sick is it that laptops, given to students, are then used to watch these students outside of school, as they have the power to turn the webcam on at anytime. Some of these laptops are in students bedrooms. Employers can monitor your personal life outside of work and then use it against you if, for example, your political beliefs are different. The cell phones and equipment you are given from Companies or Schools that you work/study with are used to regulate you. It's sad but at least you only get fired, whereas in the US, with the government, you can be held in confinement indefinitely for no real reason except thinking differently than they do.... WE NEED FREEDOM!

Here is an article on this: Bosses in the Bedroom

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