Monday, April 12, 2010

Ron Paul For 2012

Straw Poll Results and CNN episode

Ron Paul was 1 vote behind Mitt Romney for the lead, well ahead of Palin and Gingrich, in a recent straw poll taken to outlook potential Republican candidates. Here he is on CNN after the straw poll took place. If you notice, immediately Paul stresses the importance of liberty - your freedom - something we all should care about, personal liberty and freedom.

Check around 4:30 especially, as Ron Paul is talking about Government failure and national debt continuing to rise, the hosts panic, especially the female (don't know their names) as she starts bringing up pointless and off-topic issues such as racism. Racism keeps existing because Government and mainstream media keep bringing it up. You can even see her looking over at some producer standing behind the scenes waving her on. Even he says "it's blown out of proportion."

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