Friday, April 16, 2010

Ron Paul For 2012 part 2

Here is Ron Paul speaking to the Tea Party movement at Tax Tea Party Day in Washington, DC. He talks about how our government is failing us the people because they have gotten to big. Quote of the day:

"The role of government is to protect our liberties." - Ron Paul

The problem is our government is NOT taking this role.

Check out the speech here - RON PAUL'S TEA PARTY SPEECH


Barrack Obama led Ron Paul by 1%, 42% to 41% respectively, out of the polling. Liberty and Freedom is around the corner.

One thing that I am afraid of is (even Ron Paul question the legitimacy of the poll) that this is just another deceitful media ploy. Look at how the tea party was taken out of context... Now Sarah Palin is leading the Tea Party movement?? The tea party is now just another group of big government followers, it's sad, but its reality. It isn't what is was meant to be. Ron Paul has faith and hope, even says in the following interview he is optimistic, and is our only hope in truly gaining our freedom back. Not all tea party followers are sheep, which is why I believe Ron Paul still speaks to them, but many of them are simply sheep following a government shepherd; aimlessly following whichever face is put in front of them to give direction. Seriously.. Sara Palin is the leading voice/face of the tea party movement, a woman who, during a speech to the tea party crowd, had to write down notes on her hand, one was: Lift people's spirits.

Here is Ron Paul on Fox following the Poll results - Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

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