Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Regulation, More Problems

Interesting interview here on the Colbert Show regarding the agriculture industry and the food, well meat to be exact, that we are consuming and how it is effecting us. Personally, one food I will rarely consume (I wish I could say never, but from time to time I do eat little bits of it) is pork, and that is a decision I made several years ago. Farmers who grow and produce Hot Dogs say they won't even eat the stuff.

For thousands of years meat consumption has been taken into consideration. It talks about it in religious texts such as the Bible, the Tora, and the Qu'ran, and even Buddhism and Hinduism warn of us the effects (they believed too much of it would weigh and slow the body down, that it was unhealthy) over consumption of meat will have.

Today, meat is excessively produced and artificially manufacture. "...We now bred these animals so radically that, the thanksgiving turkey for example, is not even capable of reproducing." We are ruining these animals and ourselves, 76 Millions Americans will get food poison each year and it is a result of animal agriculture. Swine and avian flu's are being bred on these farms, antibiotics are being made less effective. To be honest, it unsettles my stomach knowing that a pig will consume and digest anything you feed it, including a human body (minus the teeth and hair), let alone to think about the unimaginable things going on in this industry beyond trying to figure out what Hot Dogs are made of.

Agriculture is regulated by our government and it is now, today, run by corporate interests, not for the interests of the people, who are the consumers. The way this currently works is, well; we pay taxes so that farmers can maintain growing their products so that we can pay for them after the farmers sell them to a supermarket or corporate grocer chain so that we can then eat this "food" and fill our body with, what? What happened to natural, what happened to real?

Now, most of what we eat is genetically modified, scienticifally altered, unnatural, artifical materials that are somehow called food. The important things that, for example, fruits, vegetables, and all the real things that naturally grow on this earth, naturally give us the vitamins and minerals we need, are replaced by corporate interests after our government makes regulations on the entire agriculture industry.

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