Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daily Show February 8th, 2010

Good episode on the Daily Show, a few good issues are brought up, such as the lack of rebuilding/restoring the once World Trade Center, or Twin Towers, and on a small part of the vast amount of government hypocrisy/deceit that is currently going on. This entire episode shows some ridiculous instances happening in our society today.

One of the main reasons I believe the area known as Ground Zero has not been re-established is so that it can remain a constant reminder of this "threat" always around us, all the time. Especially in a city that is as populated as New York and this location is dead in the center of it all. Seriously though, why not rebuild it, why reveal in fear and sorrow. It was a horrific moment in the history of mankind, but it shouldn't be left, dangling in our faces. Regardless of who did it, who was involved, something powerful and to some even magnificent was destroyed. Maybe you cannot replace it, but we got enough technology to put something there that can still be of use, other than a demolition mark left in the ground.

There is a clip in the episode where John Oliver is at a G.O.P. convention being held in a resort in Hawaii. It just shows that regardless of what they say (For example, "let's stop spending pointlessly" and the infamous "Save tax-payer dollar's"}, they go and spend tax-payer dollars for above and beyond luxury to discuss issues, such as fiscal spending. It seems quite, hmm, how should I put this... Idiotic, hypocritical, and tantalizing. They basically mock us, feeding us, the tax-payers, voters, etc, consistent and constant bullsh*t and it gets bought, eaten right up. Every one says the same thing, only slightly different, or maybe with more attitude (e.g. John Stewart refers to Sarah Palin as being such a person, mentioning her "Sass"), but no one acts on it accordingly. It's all talk, maybe a little walks, a few steps, but that's it. They say what ever people want to hear, the way people wanna hear it.

At the very end of the episode, at the "Moment's end" there is a news program discussing how our government regulated education system wants to begin teaching children, at the age of 10, about sex education. Not only that, but that they want to teach these children about how one can self-pleased. Personally, I really don't think kids at the age of 10 need to be concerned with things like sex or how to please yourself. In fact I find it quite disgusting that teachers and officials are even discussing this as an educational option. It's sad that things like morals are not even taught in education, as they are mentioned all throughout history, but you have people willing to teach ten year old's about sex, which is short for sexual activities, which if used unwisely can lead to disease and possibly even death, or can result in premarital pregnancies and reproduction.

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