Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hardest Thing In Life

Life, as we know it, is not that easy. In some ways, it can be simple, but in most cases it is complicated. The hardest thing in life is to be a good person. It can be a simple task to accomplish, but it requires many things: Determination, motivation, ambition, honesty, honor, respect, dignity, patience, to name a few. Being a bad person, an ignorant a**hole, is probably the easiest thing in the world for any single person to do. Many people are struggling, regardless of what type of person they are attempting to be. In fact, many people attempt to be someone that they are not, and really, that is easy because you just don't have to be yourself. Some people take it to the extreme and actually impersonate others, but many people just don't show others who they truly are. After all, ignorance is bliss.

It is easy for someone to be a "bad" person because, for example, when you are selfish, all you think about is you, and that is an easy thing to think about. It is easier to give in to insecurities and fears than it is to face them and prove to yourself (because that is all that matters [and I don't consider that being selfish, because all your doing is proving to yourself your not weak]) that your determined to get beyond those simple negatives and push for the positives. When your a "bad" person you conform, because conforming is a part of not being you; your too lazy to make your own decisions so you choose to do what "everyone else" is doing.

On the other hand, when you try to be a good person, you actually have to think things through, care about how you affect others, care about how you feel about yourself. Effort has to be made into how you view yourself, because really, that is what it all comes down to. It's as simple as this: You are what you think you are. Most people choose not to control their minds, and that is the most important part, what you think about. Everything that you are, you do, and you feel, is that way, because of how you perceive everything around you, including you, to be. Negatively or Positively, it is thought of in your mind. There are many negative influences surrounding people, so that is definitely an aspect that stutters the progression of being a good person. More importantly though, it is everyone's individual decision, all the time, to be who and what they are. What we think we are is what we will become. If we think we are nothing, we will become nothing.

I try to be a good person, but it is hard. And when I talk about being a good person, I take into consideration morals, and on many different levels. Immoral aspects are major distractions and cause infliction when trying to be a good person. Other negative people become negative influences towards us. My grandmother once told me, "Surround yourself with good people with ambition and who want to succeed. Don't pick friends who are losers. You will become what you surround yourself with." Who we choose to associate with definitely plays into how we want to be in our lives. But it all stems from the mind, and the mind is a hard thing to control. It wanders, it escapes, it shuts right down and sometimes it seems like we don't even know how to use it. The truth is, we have full control of it, all the time, we just have to realize it, understand it, and act on it. It's simple, it's logical, but its definitely hard to do. Doesn't mean it's not possible, it is available.

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