Thursday, March 5, 2009

Provizion - Upcoming Artist

A close friend of mine is Canada's hottest Hip Hop artist. He is called Provizion, and he definitely has a professional vision in both his art of music and art of mind. I have been able to get to know him well and I have to say his personality and talent as a musician are impressive. I just thought I'd help share the light on him a little further through my blog. He is unique in many ways, he produces most of his music, makes his own beats and writes all of his own lyrics. These are a lot of things that most musicians are both unable and in some cases uncapable of accomplishing.

Check out his myspace, if you like hip-hop you'll 100 % enjoy Provizion. Also, congradulations on the local Hip-Hop award nomination

Provizion - My Space

Here is his newest track featuring the well-known Mic Boogie of Toronto, ON.

Oh My God - Provizion ft Mic Boogie (Produced by Ryan Coke)

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