Saturday, March 7, 2009

Iran, American's "Next Big Threat"

At the end of each Presidents term they have a press conference. During George W. Bush's press conference he made a strong reference to there being an upcoming potential threat on American soil and security. I'm starting to think he's psychic, maybe he has an ability to tell the future... He did call the apparent "War on Terror" a Crusade (although it's more like an occupation). Are we looking another 9/11? In which the bad people don't get caught, only innocent civilians are killed. Here is a good video to watch that also reflects on Bush's mind.

Now, as for Iran, this "nuclear threat" to America. First, let me establish that the nation with the most nuclear weapons is the United States of America, after all, they were the ones who gave nuclear weapons to Iraq. Second, Israel, the Middle Eastern ally of America, has 150 nuclear weapons themselves. Neither Israel nor the U.S. have commented much on this topic.

Jimmy Carter - Israel has 150 Nuclear Weapons

They are calling Iran, which has not attacked any country since 2000, whereas Israel, which is currently breaking 40 plus United Nations and International laws, has attacked several countries, including Lebanon, Syria and of course the constant murder and oppression of Civilians, is given sympathy. Iran has nuclear technology which they used to recently complete a Power Plant to give their people energy and power.

Jimmy Carter has already said it's not logical to invade Iran, I have to agree. What is the purpose of both sending more troops to fight and potentially die and, on the flip side, to have hundreds, even thousands or more, civilians killed. Has the world, but especially the middle east, suffered enough at the hands of corporate warfare? Below is the link to Jimmy Carter discussing his opinion of Iran.

Jimmy Carter "Attacking Iran is a Horrible Mistake"

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