Monday, March 2, 2009

No Big Surprise

The apparent $900 million has been reduced to $300 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza from America. I told a close friend of mine not to be surprised if congress didn't approve the aid money to Palestine at all. The reason I said that is because American media and politicians have a way of claiming anyone and everyone that is Muslim with some sort of power in the middle east, that is not directly following their scheme/agenda, is considered a terrorist or terrorist organization. Even though former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said he trusts Hamas, even though Israel has been committing war crimes and putting the people of Palestine under constant oppression and threat.

Now, the United States appears to be giving less aid money than they previously claimed, in fact a third of the original amount. Again the original specified amount is a third of the amount Israel receives. Now, the newly adjusted amount is merely a ninth of what Israel reveices each year. The estimated damages caused are in excess of $2.5 billion, again the destruction caused by American weapons via the Israeli military.

Here is a quick look at the recent amount of deaths on each side since Israel decided to bomb and occupy Palestine with armed soldiers. 10 Isreali deaths vs 1,440 Palestinian deaths. That is a difference of 1,430 lives. Logically and simply put, that is a big difference, that is an unfair difference.

Anything and everything Palestine receives goes through Israel, even most of the weapons (since Israel controls absolutely everything via Military, the illegal wall they are building, oppression, etc). A single Israeli died and that led to 1,430 more Palestinian deaths. Mathematically, I don't think that is very righteous. Logically, I don't think that holds any morale value.

$900m to $300m from U.S. to Gazans

Isreal vs Palestine Deaths

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