Tuesday, January 6, 2009

She Means The World To me

She is my everything... When the sun rises, her eyes are my desire...
They are the only eyes that can see through me, into me, a flame,
burns deep inside, a feeling like no other.

Caressing her, feeling her touch, our lips, embracing, connecting...

Love is powerful, more powerful than anything that will ever exist,
it is real, it is true... When she is near, I feel like nothing else in the
world around me matters, we are the only two people on earth.

Her smile, shining with beauty, everything about her, inside and out,
pure and beautiful. So unique and perfect, even her simple flaws I
almost admire. Even when I am mad, or frustrated with her imperfections,
just seeing her smile is enough for me to realize that loving her is all
that matters. Even after moments of despising each other, to be able to
laugh about each others shortcomings is utterly amazing. Nobody is
perfect. Love is perfect. It is the only thing that can truly make people
feel perfection. To look at that person and know that they are real, that
what is shared is real, and that it lasts forever. Staring into their eyes and
feeling as if you have wings, flying, elevated high above, pure ecstasy.

When she is away, my mind races, but always do I journey, towards her,
reminiscing, on moments with her. Simple, small things, but enough to
bring sanctity for she is the bright, shining light leading me through
this dark world, showing me and giving me delirium. It is not forced,
it is a choice in actions and reactions. It is an ultimate and challenging
experience, but nothing in life comes easy. If you want to eat, you need
to work. If you want to go to school and get a good education, you need
to study. Convention leads to accomplishment. Love can be euphoric.

It is for me... Even through the hardships, she is unselfish and cares, we
know we make mistakes and we forgive, because we know that in everything
we must never give up. That goes for more than just love: Life.

1 comment:

  1. You must really love this girl.
    Your using your writing as an expression, which is one of the intelligent ways of writing. You have a gift Matt, embrace it. I am very impressed with your blog entries and am looking forward to reading what you have coming up in the future.