Saturday, January 10, 2009

Children of the World

If there is one thing that extremely affects me it is seeing suffering children. It is unbearable and simply too much for me to handle. Although, seeing a situation from the perspective of a child can be that much more eye-opening and in most cases truthful.
Children are the innocence that we once were... How many of us wish we could relive those days of childhood; no responsibility and the dramatics of life do not pretain to us. Only the joy of being able to imagaine whatever we wish, and the journy we take as we learn and experience life from such an uncorrupted, untainted and free mind.

Why should happiness be taken from anyone, especially from an innocent child.

We were once children, and most of us will have our own children and we will be the ones responsible for their views on the world and their actions and reactions to life. Why should we taint their picture? Why should they grow up with unneccessary pain. strife and complications?
Logically and simply put, they shouldn't.

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