Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dreaming of Reality

My eyes are closed, my mind is wandering,
Steps I take, down such a wide, enclosed path,
People congest, but yet no contact, mostly squandering,
I continue through the mass, all around, moving, simple math

Numbers, figures, the mass moves, singing a groaning song
They read, they watch, and they listen to the fabrications
I tread continuously, admiring, NO, around me, droning on
Despicable, so many, lost and afraid, adhered to temptations

Believe the lies, close your eyes, because when they are open you still cannot see
Deceit is told, and sold, we buy, the lies, in ignorance, because we still cannot see

My feet move, but not quickly, like a sloth, not by choice
I cannot help but glance around; so pathetic, so disdain
So said that, the lack of realization, the deprivation of voice
How can we forget who we are, living in pain, residing in vain

Yet we no longer feel our blood flow through or veins unless in fear
As I continue through the crowds, this is my revelation
Reality is around us, yet we face away, pushing away, living in fear
My mind is open, therefore I can see, the starvation through all nations

The world is cold, people are colder

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