Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fortified Corruption

Throughout the horizions, constant defiance
Corruption so vast, constantly enabling
Freedom is lost; opportunity a pseudoscience
Controlled by fear, reality is disabling

Our eyes see, only what is revealed
Our minds grasp, only fortified corruption
Media, Entertainment, feeding the concealed
Truth, no more, belief, an invalid disruption

Religion, created with intent, purpose, now in dismay
Forgetting the good, concentration miscalculated
Backwards, we live, dissipation on display
This is the world we live in, falsely calculated

This is the information they feed, yet we believe, conceive
Ignorance is bliss; then why is the world so amiss
We weave as they deceive, they achieve as we stay naive
Apprehension exists, manipulated, the truth we still dismiss

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