Sunday, August 9, 2009

Consuming Life - The beginning

Every single one of us is a creation comprised of two parts; a father and a mother. The man and the woman that create us are called Parents and with their child added to the equation they become a family. Today, families are broken and parents are irresponsible. People are distracted and are too selfish to invest time or emotion into anyone or anything but themselves. The main reason for this is that from the beginning we are trained to be a specific way with a specific agenda; consumption.

A family is an important perspective for society as it brings forth preparation and ideals for life. Families are a connection of physically, mentally and biologically related individuals that through a strong base of parenthood are held together by love, honor and a mutual respect. It is a parents job to give their children a logical, fundamental environment to grow and develop in, while teaching them of the dangers and all that is wrong in this world. Today the aspects of families has diminished and people's mentalities have been altered. Media exploits the imagery of family through a variety of its channels leaving a muddled perspective for society to depict. Advertisements, movies, television shows, music, and news are examples of the ways people are influenced.

Children are the offspring of their parents, their next of kin, their blood. Children, like adults, require many things, but most importantly they need structure. Instead of giving something all children need, quality time, parents today avoid their children and instead give what they think they want to make them happy. It's a simple cop out and it explains a large mindset of "spoiled" individuals. Early childhood is a vulnerable state for everyone and although we may not remember many things, if any, from that period they can still subconsciously effect us. As we develop and progress through life we adapt to the things around us, to the attitudes and demeanor directly or indirectly surrounding us. Families are important for each and every one of our beginnings. Without a proper, morally structured start to life the rest will be aimless and deranged.

Each and every one of us should be thankful and grateful to be alive because someone decided to bring us into this world and now here we are, breathing, living beings. We can think, act, feel, touch, affect, defect, love, hurt, enjoy, excite, smile, do what we want. Why not think about how we act because whether we like it or not it can touch and affect those around us, so instead of being a defect, we should love what we are, what we have, those we can share life with, avoid pointless hurt and enjoy our one and only shot at life, feel excitement and smile because what we do affects the world around us. Construction rather than destruction and we should begin at the beginning. Children rule our world once we have passed on from it just as we are ruling the world our ancestors left behind for us.

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