Saturday, July 18, 2009

Reliance and Compliance

For thousands of years people relied on two things; the laws they were given (most of which came from religion and logic) and themselves. If they wanted something done, not only was there not other way for it to be done, but it was just the logical thing to do. If someone wanted to wake up, they had to do it themselves. If they wanted to build a house, eat food, it was theirs for the taking. It was hard to take things for granted when everything had to be appreciated.

It's a reminding aspect but nothing in life comes easy. Whatever we want to have, whatever we want to accomplish is ours. We are meant to live under structure, with authoritative figures giving us morally, proper regulation and order, but with the ability to maneuver as per each and every one of our conscious minds perceives our path to be. Today, the world is definitely a lot different than it was thousands of years ago, even a hundred years ago. We are all inhabiting this planet together, all across it. Instead of taking care of it, we pillage it and take it for granted.

There are reasons religion refer to the human body as a temple. Take into consideration, the treatment of a temple or holy establishment. Most of them are elegantly and beautifully built through a whole lot of hard work.We are meant to take care of ourselves. Sure, it is convenient to wake up from an alarm, for instance, and press the snooze button several times before we actually decide to get up. Sure it is nice to have precooked meals for us that we can cook with radiation, or the ability to drive past a window and grab processed food. My point is, after all this technology becomes such a reliance for us, a dependence, when do we stop complying? Has our lack of self reliance led to a pattern of subsiding appreciation?

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