Thursday, July 16, 2009

Imagine That...

Imagine That...

A year ago, The war on Iraq (amongst others) was ceased and the invading Governments took responsibility for their actions, rather than pass the blame on from one entity to the next, as they do when they make any mistake, so that they are never at fault.

A week ago, Governments made decisions for the people, based on the needs of the people, rather than the beneficial advantages of Corporations.

Yesterday, The Federal Reserve, amongst other things, was properly audited and the truth about where American tax money is being spent is revealed.

Today, people quit basing their opinions and decisions on minuscule, minor details and realized the difference between conformity and stupidity, opening their minds enough to think logically.

Tomorrow, people stopped living in ignorance, with hatred and indifference, but united together, elevating themselves enough to overcome the struggles caused by corruption.

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