Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Stress is all around, and it is a major concern in the majority of people today. Besides unhealthy food, which physically depreciates, causing psychological effects, there are numerous stress generating sources. The biggest that I've seen, and also felt recently, is money. Money, quite simply, is a hassle. I'm not saying money is a bad thing, it's purpose and intent are constructive and efficient in structurally maintaining prosperous economies.

It is the use, distribution, and value of money that has become a problem. We, the people, are trained to first learn how to walk, then communicate, then we go through a corporate..., err, federally implemented education system (in which our minds are closed to the theories and information we are taught) and then it is up to us to work our asses off, forty hours a week, and with wages that are, in a lot of cases (especially today), nearly impossible to live off of (especially if debt is taken into consideration). If you are one who decides to get a higher level of education (I made that choice) you are offered higher paying jobs. Once you spend your few thousand to few hundred thousand on educational fees, you graduate so many years into your adulthood, forced to find any job to pay back the loans from school. We work until the age of 65, in which we retire, feeble and rundown, unable to fully grasp the joys of life, especially since so many people have been forced to stress on surviving, rather than living. Not to mention, all the wear and tear from food, fluoridated water, and unhealthy living conditions.

While millions, billions of people slave away, every day, all day, just to make ends meet, there are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of individuals, organizations, corrupt "Authority officials" reaping the benefits, become billionaires, and no sharing a dime with the needy. In fact, in most cases, these "organizations" and "Authority figures" have caused mass death, or allowed it to take place. They have even occupied, or sponsored occupations, in mineral and oil rich nations. The problem isn't necessarily money, its where it is, who has it, and how much they have. All of it has to do with corruption and greed. Money isn't the only reason I've been stressing, but its been a big contribution. Logically, I think there's something wrong with what the definition of money is today, simply, it should be worth more than it is. It's value should actual have meaning, real definitive importance.

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