Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Food Deceit

Recently, while stumbling around on YouTube and GoogleVideo, I came across and interesting video that discussed the imagery of food. There is a simple difference between nutritious, healthy food and that of unhealthy, even nauseating, junk that most of us, on a rather constant basis, fill our body with. The problem doesn't fully lay on the amount that is consumed, although the majority of people eat way too much of it. The problem is more logically involved in the portrayal, availability and in retrospect demand of both.

"Junk food" is everywhere, at every corner, in every direction. Where ever you gaze there is a McDonalds, Wendy's, or some form of fast food joint located in the vicinity. Not only is it such an available option for meals or snacks, the media , and especially lately, has always featured the biggest, richest of the fast food chains. Not only are they featured on the most watched programs and events, they are also given appealing images, including sexuality, to feed their addictiveness (and they are, quite literally, addictive).

One of my favorite moments in the following documentary is when the term "Soul Food" is used to describe healthy, wholesome food. It make sense. And there's a reason why one group is referring to the Soul, while the other is called Junk. Each food group gives our body different reactions. There is a reason why fresh vegetables and fruit are so full of vitamins and minerals, important to our body. Just like, for centuries, people have made mention of a rather "lighter, small" consumption of meat. Religion, throughout history, have shown corresponding messages. Now, think about processed foods, literally, food is being "processed." It becomes semi(in some cases fully)-artificial, simulated nourishment. There is simply and logically a difference between the negative reactions from unhealthy, Junk food, and the positive reactions from healthy, Soul food.

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