Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jimmy Carter on Larry King Live

Earlier this evening I was watching Larry King Live speak with former President Jummy Carter about Barack Obama and his book "We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land."
During this interview there were some interesting moments, especially during the discussion of the current Palestine and Israeli cinflict.

King asked Carter about the Israeli retaliation and Carter responded that it might have been prevented if the Israeli government were to allow proper amounts of food, water, oil and medicine to be given to the Palestinian people. King then said that there was an Israeli civilian killed. Carter responded very sincerely that there was no need for any violence but in that year there was one, single Israeli civilian killed compaing to an average of 49 Palestinian civilian deaths per month during that very same year. He also stated that there were 22,000 Palestinian buildings destroyed since that one Israeli civilain was killed.

The next question that King asked was of pure ignorance, "If Atlanta was bombed, wouldn't there be reason to retaliate." My question is, how does a random American city being randomly bombed compare to a state under knowledgeable oppression without proper rations or any form of freedom who loses an average of 49 civilians per month who had some angry citizens or whoever decide to send a missle which kills 1 civilian. Since that one Israeli civilian died there have been many more Palestinian civilian deaths. Carter simply replied again about the current situation the Israeli government is leaving Palestine and its people under; lacking everything essential to life.

Carter stated that the United States "is the key" to bringing peace between Palestine and Israel, especialy considering the $10 million US aid money Israel receives from them per day. King asked Carter if he trusts Hamas and Carter responded "I trust what they are trying to accomplish" further stating he met with them twice and each time the only thing they requested was "that the gates be opened for food, water, and medicine."

It is very possible that Carter is right about the United States pull on the Israeli-Palestine conflict. He gave good praise towards George Mitchell, the special envoy to the Middle East as appointed by Obama. Mitchell's mother was Arab and he considers himself to be Arab-American. Let's hope that Obama isn't a puppet, although his face after his inauguration doesn't look so promising.

King, after his mention of the Israeli attacks on the U.N. school and mosques, asked Carter for his opinion, Carter said that he only had simple facts from the U.N. which stated that 43 children where killed in the U.N. school. King then stated that the Israeli attacks were on a terrorist location. Carter then again referred to U.N. statistics and documentation stating that there were no terrorists in the building or in the vacinity and that there were innocent children killed.
The interview didn't last much longer and then King went on a rant about a new and upcoming book from Joe Torre, not giving any praise to Carter's book, which again is We Can Have Peace in the Holy Land.

I just found the whole thing rather interesting, thought I'd share it.

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  1. You should know by now that that report of children killed in the UN school was absolutely false.