Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God and I

I believe in God, because there is way too much on this one single planet that is so perfect yet at the same time so imperfect, let alone throughout the vast universe (we only know so little about), for there to be an implication that there is not something greater and bigger than it all. I believe in the conceptof evolution, but in how I see it, more logical terms. Rather than us once being tiny, microscopic organisms that some how developed into what each and everyone of us are individually, it seems that we were created with specific, detailed and immeasurable features to go along with the characteristics and original ethos, psychology and perspectives that we decide on, based on our own individual experiences. Over the centuries that have passed we have adapted and evolved as according to the necessities of earth and it's extensive requirements.

Life is too complex for us to be randomly placed on one planet amongst a massive and constantly growing universe. We are able to think freely, to imagine and create, to feel and understand. We have already created so much thus far, although the majority of it is production of harm amongst ourselves rather than advancement with what we are given. It's a sad reality we must face, but boldly stated our world leaders are ridiculous and ludicrous in their attempts of "leading" us anywhere congenially logical, rather we constantly face fear. That is their attainment for us; destruction, genocides, war, murder.

Corruption lay beside us, yet we face away. I believe in the Bible as a book of guidelines as directed from God to us as the people residing on earth. I believe, as most of history has been, the Bible has been corrupted and tainted as to keep the ordained aspect of fear constantly in tact and the difference factor justifiable. There are several good elements on living life morally(which with consciousness feels right and generally speaking leads to happiness) in the Bible, just as there are in the Qur'an. Regardless, the religious appearance is debauched, flawed, and I am giving an example; religion is the major cause of war throughout history, which conflicts with its message of peace and love. We are all placed here searchingfor a greater purpose, given the ability to achieve and accomplish. I believe it was a greater being, such as God, who placed us here. This is just my opinion.


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  2. your writing is really deepp, it shows your passion with your writing which is why it makes so much sense to read! keep up the good work, yoour so talented with what you do!

  3. Great to see someone not afraid to speak out. Blog on, Matt!
    As my spiritual teacher said: "Religion builds walls between people, even within a religion."