Sunday, January 25, 2009

Respect Speil

Respect should be one of the most logical aspects of life, in all regards. From respecting ourselves, which is a simple thing to consider, because how can we not? Each and every one of us is our own unique depiction of what the human species is.

We are all born with our simple little differences but what truly counts is the way we portray ourselves, the image that we see is the image that we give. If we do not respect ourselves we will not give a respectable depiction for others to view. We should respect what we have, because all of us are lucky to have anything at all. We should respect what we are given, respect the abilities and talents, the characteristics and most importantly the choices we make. For it is the choices we make that determine the outcome of our actions and it is our actions that implement reactions. Furthermore, each time we make a decision it is something that we have done in our one and only life.

I have noticed that respect is a dying characteristic in many these days and I ask myself: How can people not respect who they are in the only life they are going to get? People are too proud and egotistical to be able to open their minds enough to properly view themselves past their arrogant, fearful bubbles. Maybe it's just me, but when people don't have respect enough to care about how their actions even affect themselves, I have to wonder what logic and simplicity have translated into.

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