Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logical Ties

Now that we are coming to the end of George W. Bush's second and final term as president, there is something that I wanted to briefly write about. There is a simple connection that, I hope, most people are at least semi-aware about and there are a few things that I wanted to point out and say in regards to it.

The Bush Administration and the bin Laden family, a business relationship that has lasted nearly thirty years. Since 1977 when George W. Bush opened his company Arbusto Energy (later changed to Bush Exploration, now Harken Energy Corporation), which was financed by Salem bin Laden, through to the 1980s when Osama bin Laden (at that point in time he was called a Freedom Fighter) became a major asset and worked along side the CIA during Russia's invasion of Afghanistan, and up until today where the bin Laden family still continues to do business with the Bush family. Now today, even though the relationship remains, one of the 54 bin Laden children has made a very well-known name for himself. We know him as Osama bin Laden, the leader of infamous terrorist organization Al-Qaeda which operates mainly out of Afghanistan.

These two families have cooperated and thus had successful economic and financial transactions with each other for decades. Osama was once not only supported by America but also worked closely with the Central Intelligence Agency for several years. *The, one day, a decade or so later (or maybe while still working with them) he decided to form a terrorist organization (appx. 5,000 men) and destroy the World Trade Center.

With every crime there is a motive. What was the motive?

It was said that a possible motive behind his "criminal" action was that Osama was envious of the wealth that America had. That he felt an urge to change that. He was said to have received an estimated $300 million in inheritance money and the bin Laden family has an estimated net worth of $5 to $8.5 billion. I don't think money would be quite the issue. Where would he profit? He'd have to pay for the equipment or people or what ever he needed in order to complete a terrorist attack. Think about it, the U.S. manufactures the majority of it's own weapons, maybe he could do what Al Gore did and join onto the "right" companies board of directors or buy some thousands of their shares. Then he could also make a large financial jump of somewhere around $119 million in four or five years. I don't think anyone would complain about that happening to them.

Another apparent reason for the attack was that Osama had distaste towards the amount of freedom within the United States of America (The same country that supported him as a Freedom Fighter in Afghanistan). That, to me, and maybe it's just me, seems a little strange. Especially considering even the weapons and training grounds he has were given to him by America.

Some people even think that this is an Islam vs Christian war, a war of religious differences. Yes, this does have similarities to the historical "Crusades". There was even a speech in which George W. Bush states that this is a crusade. Ironic? Maybe. Regardless of what this IS called, the current situation is that some of the largest oil producing countries are currently under American and now Israeli occupation. All of this began with Osama bin Laden and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This is a war full of corruption and deceit. The only motive that Osama had was to help start an unethical and salacious war. Money is the number one factor: Greed.

Kuwait should have been an example. Here are some links that can add to what I've said.











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