Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Random Poem

harbored atrocities alongside authoritative hypocrisies
perfidious democracies deviating distorted philosophies

the world spins backwards, flourishing with contortion of what is real
the masses walk backwards, a misguided extortion of the surreal

dissension intruded by iniquitous disparity
consumption mundane yet merit has no clarity

education defies truth - logic and history, no longer of concern
government defies liberty - needs and honesty, no longer of concern

idols entrap ,deceitfully enrapturing as justice remains blind
so many question the purpose but run from the truth they find

this is the world the majority struggle to survive in – indifference leaving many stranded and alone; each is to their own
it is not how it should be, as the majority should prosper – our world and civilizations have grown; why do we choose to disown?

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