Saturday, March 20, 2010

History is Now

History is important. In many ways it helps to define who and what we are today. Each one of us has our own history, our own past leading up to the present. Why is it then that history is altered? Why are facts and truths changed and rearranged? History is what it is, or well, I should say, it was what it was, but today, it is not always what it seems. Even more so, it is not always adequately in order nor is it always including proper details. There are many instances in which our history has been changed and is still being changed, important events, people and places are being forgotten.

Dwelling on the past is never a good thing, it can be distracting of the present. This is something I have learned and am still realizing. The past cannot be changed, only the present and the future. Some people believe in events being predestined, already set in place to happen. To a certain degree, I believe this, but I also know that each one of us are given the ability to decide. Yes, you heard it, and sadly it seems not many people are aware of this, but we are each able to choose and decide for our own. Well, these choices and decisions only go so far, as, for example, it is clear that we cannot choose what we or our children are being taught.

Education is important, yet it is being diminished in its intellect and progression of who it is educating. We should be given the best education possible ensuring us the best results. The information should be important, relevant (and not relevant in the political way it currently revolves around), and truthful. It should include as much information as possible, in fact, it should include all of it. Now, that doesn't mean it all has to be taught, but why should we forget the truth? Why should we fabricate what truly once was in existence?

History is now, today will soon be yesterday and tomorrow will come as today. We decide our own historys by the choices we make and I believe it is our right as humans to be given the choice of what we want to collectively learn. I also do not believe it is appropriate, nor correct in any way, to alter the actualities of the past and turn them into something that is appealing to politics today. That is what is has come to, our information is being tainted and our intellect is being stolen from us. There are facts of this, such as in America, SAT tests where actually reduced in difficulty so that the marks would become higher. This was an illusion that education had progressed, when in fact they continued to stupify it and us for that matter. We deserve excellence, the best for ourselves, esepecially since in this system we are paying our government to supply most, if not all, aspects of life for us. I believe we should be in a free market society and should have every choice made available to us, every aspect of life made better by our decisions, not by the decisions of a few people. This is our life, our world, and it is regulated to the point where we can not even earn a decent education, where facts are not given to us. That doesn't sound like freedom to me. History is being altered to represent the current situations of today, rather than reflect on the great moments, achievements and struggles toward liberty people have had to face. People need to open their eyes, we are now in history, and one day will be history, I hope we can be remembered for the people that stood up for freedom, rather than those that continued to give it away.

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