Sunday, March 21, 2010

Government.. er, Corporate Coercion

Recently, an incident in my current city regarding people's liberties and freedoms has been addressed. A man, who is a member of the FreeMan on the Land Society (the website has been shut down), appeared in court under criminal coercion and duress.
The Freeman movement are people claiming they are no longer property of the Corporation of Canada. They believe that regulations and acts take away from our liberties and freedoms and that by becoming a FreeMan they only abide by the Common Law: "which is the true law: You don't hurt one another, you don't steal and you don't commit fraud in your contracts," the defendant said in a Newspaper interview, which can be found HERE
The court proceeding was eventually dismissed several times, each time as the defendant tried to defend himself, until the court room was emptied and police then guarded the entrance, making sure no one entered into the room. The entire time, the defendant was not given a chance to defend himself. Here is video of footage taken from outside the courtroom where you can see police blocking entrance to the courtroom, several people gathered outside.
Canada is in fact a Corporation, as is the United States and every other country. Check it out, it's real.
Corporate Canada
Corporation of Canada Company Information


  1. Just thought I'd add a note:

    Canada is actually registered as a private corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States - you can find their bond issues on the S.E.C. website.


    Hence this link, but thank you.