Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Louder Than Words

One thing that I have always said is this: Actions speak louder than words.

The thing about words is, well, any combination of them can be put together to say anything. Words can be powerful, emotionally and physically. They can cause someone to smile, someone to frown or cry. They enlighten, inspire, degrade and compromise. Words are important and without them, communication wouldn't be very efficient. Words can be used to deceive, manipulate and control. Sometimes, the words that are used are contradictory as when it comes to the actions preceding, they were false or incorrect. Some words are used as lies, tools to distract from the actions take place.

One of the things all politicians do is speak, and they do it a lot. They use words all the time, sometimes forming slogans such as "Yes We Can" and "Change we can believe in." These were from Obama's campaign, things he and the people at his rallies repeated many times. Other Politicians use their own choice of words. But when it comes down it, all but one of them have yet to act on what they continuously promise (Although Barack Obama was quite genius as all he had to do was manipulate people into believing in change itself rather than him really saying anything about making actual changes. After all, he is doing exactly what the others before him have done.). Ron Paul does what he says. He even takes the left over money from his campaigns and demonetizes it so that it has no effect on the economy, sure it's not much, but maybe its a few million dollars, we the people, don't have to pay in tax dollars.

I'm just saying: Actions speak louder than words. As they determine what is done, rather than what is just being said. Pay attention, it's going on all the time. There is always lots and lots being said, only most of it is either stupid, ridiculous or completely irrelevant. Then again, it's not like anything is really being done anyway, well, not that hasn't been done.

"Well done is better than well said." Benjamin Franklin

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