Saturday, January 30, 2010


It was once said that the greatest enemy of the people is their government. Now, in most regards I would disagree with this, but when a government chooses to eliminate peoples liberties, freedoms and opportunities, then I would agree that it is an enemy of the people. A government is in place to ensure safety of people, not to allow threats to exist. They should eliminate fraud and fear, not incorporate it and institute it. Today, our governments are being run backwards, not for the people but using the people as pawns in a game of economic chess. The "officials" and authorities" are against the people, protecting the governments and corporations interests rather than the peoples interests and most importantly needs.

Our Presidents and Government Officials are predetermined based on a variety of things, their sole intention, lead the people with deceit. My favorite President ever was George W. Bush, a mockery of what a politician should be, yet he remained President for 2 terms (both the votes were heavily questioned of fraud). He helped ruin the economy and started wars and occupations without proper or legitimate cause. Restarting what his father was unable to finish. Now, we have Barack Obama. I give him credit for two things; He can talk, a great public speaker, and he can convince, even with his approval rate way down he still gives incredibly believable speeches about change and reform. 1 out of 6 Americans are currently unemployed, underemployed or out of employment, worse than before Obama took office. It is stated that we will not have the same employment rates until the year 2016. That is 6 years from now. So how is there still money in the economy? He's spent hundreds of billions of tax dollars that have nothing backing it but the American tax-payer dollar and the "credibility" of inflation (which wouldn't exits in a Free Market society), which is only caused by the Federal Reserve. His Administration has spent hundreds of billions of tax-payer dollars on bailing out Banks and Corporations, which then gave themselves billions of dollars worth of bonuses, money that could have helped increase employment rates with thousands of jobs or eliminated mortgage debts until 2012. Great system we have going on here... For Wall Street.

It's a political mess backed by corporate interests. Most of our leading politicians are making millions, even billions of dollars from the major corporations and from Wall Street. Everything is regulated so that these major corporations control each and every industry and eliminate almost any possibility of entrepreneurial enterprises or independent businesses. It's a huge joke to them. Three CEO's stood in front of America and told why this economic crisis is occurring, and they said "We didn't see it coming" one of them even said "My daughter called me from school, asking me why there is an economic crisis... I responded 'It's something that happens every five to seven years honey." Funny guy, really, hilarious that somehow every five to seven years you cause an economic crisis by not knowing what your doing, yet you and the politicians running our countries make billions of profit, while we the hard-working average citizen struggle each time these inflation's strikes us, again and again. Yeah, as you may not know it's not funny. In fact, I wish I could have a one on one chat with one of these, I'd like to call them men but don't think of them as such, so, CEO's and ask them some real questions.

I try not to let this sort of thing bother me, but it does every once in a while, knowing that its so constant and so ridiculous, yet nothing proper is ever done to correct it. All talk, no walk. Well, there is one man doing some walking, and that is Republican Ron Paul. Then you have Rep. Scott Brown, the new Mass. Senator, replacing Ted Kennedy's Democratic seat. I'm sorry, but I need to be perfectly
honest: What a joke. First, you have him running against a woman that is completely undermined (for example, she basically insults Boston, by mistakenly claiming one of their players is the fan of a rival team, stupid, but enough to get to people), second, he is a joke. He is doing a good job of connecting with blue collar workers with his "I'm Scott Brown, I own a truck" slogan. Then there's his whole magazine pose from the 80s, not to mention he pretty much auctions off his daughters during his post-elect speech. He is also apparent 10th Cousins to Barack Obama (L.A. Times), interesting guy. Good, er.. um... Image?

Our government and these corporations do business behind closes doors, laughing about our circumstances, while they profit from it. The truth is hidden from us, the facts are transparent, their agenda is going and we are paying the price for it. I'm just a regular individual, underemployed, struggling just to survive. I can't blame people for being rich, but I can blame them for stealing from us for their own profit and benefit. People are not informed or educated on the proper ways of government and the solutions and deceit we are facing every day. Libertarianism and the Free Market are what we need in place, and I pray that Ron Paul runs and is elected in 2012. He is a strong hope for equality, liberty and opportunity for all. Stay informed, stay educated.

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