Wednesday, October 28, 2009

As The World Spins (Too Fast?)

Now, I haven't been updating this a whole lot lately, not nearly as much as I would have liked to. Currently, I am working on another adaption of Consuming Life, but for now I have stumbled across some information that has startled and even disgusted me. A more psychological and broader aspect of this will be in the Consuming Life articles. Normally, on my posts, I try to take a rather professional approach to them. This, though, is an issue that makes me cringe and I may be more ardent throughout.

Assault can be defined as a violent physical or verbal attack made on someone and with a weapon is is usually referred to as an "assault with battery." Sexual assault, in my opinion, and especially rape, involves more than just physical affliction but an emotional and mental larceny. Being sexually assaulted can literally alter an individuals mind and the repercussions of doing so have led to extremities such as alienation and even suicide. Rape is something, that in my opinion again, should be treated the same as a homicide. Someone willing to commit those acts has an extremely deficient moral capacity and has psychological issues. In my opinion, to freely and readily negatively alter and even destroy the heart, mind and soul of someone, you have to be lacking your own level if respect and have no grasp of your own soul, mind or heart. So why should they be treated any different than someone that ends a life? After all, they are destroying a life.

There are two instances I found recently which circulate directly around the issue of rape. The first article I found involved a 15 year old student who was leaving her homecoming to meet her father. On the way over a classmate invited her to have some drinks with some friends, so she decided she would. After she consumed a large quantity of liquor "She was raped, beaten, robbed and dehumanized by several suspects who were obviously OK enough with it to behave that way in each other's presence," Lt. Mark Gagan said. The Huffington Post article mentioned that there were several individuals, maybe a dozen, who had been watching the rape taking place and some even joined in. No one reported it to the police. The only way they heard about it was when someone, who had left the scene, was discussing it with others and a girl overheard. She called the police and they arrived on the scene to find the rape still taking place.

There is no need to sugar coat this, no need to put this short and sweet because if you can honestly look at this and not think anything is f***** up, then there is something f***** up with you. Over a dozen people!! Not ONE PERSON calls the police!! A FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL IS RAPED OUTSIDE OF HER SCHOOL DANCE WITH THREE POLICE AND FOUR FACULTY MEMBERS ON SITE!! RAPED BY SEVERAL STUDENTS AND MEN!!

I don't care who you are or what you do, if you rape someone, you deserve life in prison, at least. Each of the assailants should be prosecuted heavily and confined behind bars for life. Not to mention, the people who just stood by and did nothing about it, or even got involved should ALL be charged for association AT LEAST. How sick of a world do we live in where a girl, at fifteen years old, is raped outside of her school and there are people standing, watching and not one of them does a thing about it... Pretty f***** sick if you ask me.

The other incident involved a middle-aged woman who was drugged, then raped, and clearly, as she stated in her CNN interview with Anderson Cooper, it was traumatic. After the incident, her doctor informed her that the assailant wasn't wearing any protection. She received HIV-testing (did not contract the disease), had to go for HIV prevention counseling and was put onto preventive medication. She, a health insurance agent, was then dropped from her insurance coverage. She was told that a) they didn't receive her payment, but they really hadn't cashed the cheque she sent, and b) that until she had been off of medication, was out of counseling and had been HIV-tested without contraction for two years, she wouldn't be eligible. This, as she put it, was a second traumatic event. She was forced to pay

You may or may not be able to tell but these incidents occurred and there are people that thought it was just OK. Well, in my opinion, it is not OK, not morally, fundamentally, psychologically, not in anyway way shape or form is sexual assault OK. Even the way Anderson laid out the facts in terms such as "it's standard practice in the event of a rape..." Rape should be a part of a doctors standard practice, rape shouldn't be a common occurrence. Yet it seems to be. There are many factors that can lead up to why it is as common as it is, which I will get more into in my Consuming Life segments on a psychological factor, but for now it unsettles me to know that it can be discussed so vaguely and naturally. The same has come of many things, the majority found in mainstream media, but regardless people seriously need to wake up and snap into reality. People's lives are at stake and many are just wasting their own lives away. That is fine in most cases, people choose to do as they wish, but when it begins to effect everyone around them, I begin to worry. When over twelve people witness a rape and no one does anything, I being to worry where we are heading as a civilization, or are we becoming uncivilized. Killing and war is already perfectly fine with many people. As statistics show, AIDs is a fairly common disease (mainly in 3rd World nations but you'd be surprised where else you will find it... Washington, DC). It just seems to me that we continuously get promises of "change" and hope of "prosperity and humanity" when all we are led to do is constantly destroy; our planet, other people and ourselves.

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  1. wow i wasnt aware of these incidents, but I couldnt agree more, for a crime so serious, it is so incredibly downplayed in the justice system and society. I believe rape should be taken as seriously as murder, because the victim leads an entirely altered life, you named a few and i could go on forever about the effects on a victim, its sickening. another thing that makes me so angry is, it has almost become normal, especially in the younger cases, the teens feel guilt for what occurred and never report, so many cases are never reported, and when they are, you go through an emotionally draining trial, for what? a half ass conviction, or none at all? as an issue i feel so strongly about, i just wanna say thanks for sharing ...hopefully one day society will wake up to the seriousness of such crimes