Monday, July 20, 2009

Stupid Rationality

Honest, good-wiled, and logical reacting people, who care about other people, are restrained from success, because the so called "Real" world, we, the people, are shown on a constant basis is tainted and given us inability to decide naturally what is best for us. Instead out of fear and in a lot of cases, anxiety, we make our decisions. It is true that without taking risks, the of success will be diminished, and yes, its true that there is excitement in spontaneous behavior, but when did the lines cross between stupidity and instinct?

Surprise is good as is quick-thinking and being able to react fast to situations. All are good qualities of an individual, but so is logic and intelligence. When people make irrational, spur of the moment, choices, how can they expect a rational outcome? Most people probably don't expect one, but regardless, there is a difference between incoherent and reasonable behavior. Reasonable being defined as "agreeable to reason or sound judgment; logical." Realistic thinking. Realistic action and reaction to real interaction and situations.

We have the ability to choose and whether we like to believe it or not, our choices do affect others around us, whether directly or indirectly. The 6 degrees of separation phrase ties into this and there was an experiment done, Small World Experiment, to boost this theory along. People are influenced by what they see, hear, feel, and experience, thus we are each uniquely molded as we progress through the stages of life. Some influences are direct, we are literally face to face with them. While others are more subliminal, such as media, in which these days people are given "reality television" (tell me its not a biased view on life) and complete access to all that is immoral. Forgive me for being so blunt but, how stupid can we be when we are surrounded by AIDS and STD's, yet we continue to sleep around with each other purely for selfish reasons and without any standard of respect. How can we be so retarded as to allow ourselves to be constantly fed bull**** (that is also literal if you look at the food we are given) and be so susceptible to it? I guess its just the society norm these days. Or maybe we've become sheep, living aimless lives as consumers in a corporate world, everything we are told to be by society is meant to make other people rich.

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