Friday, June 26, 2009

Conscious Conscience

The conscience is fundamentally instrumental as it orchestrates different reactions in various situations, giving a morale insight. Morales are simple, right and wrong. The conscience is what triggers different levels of apprehension towards what is right. Some people refer to the conscience as being an inner instinctive sense directing one towards a righteous path. Where you ever about to make a decision when, all of a sudden, something in your lower abdomen stirred? Some people refer to this as the gut. Not everyone will put the gut and conscience together, but personally, I think they are relatively cooperative.

If one is not conscious to their surroundings, to the things happening around, the reason for why things are happening, then their perspective on situations, values and even morals can be altered. There are certain levels of knowledge that should not be ascertained (then again there are certain levels of action currently taking place in the world that should not be occurring and reoccurring), but the brain has the ability to gather, store and innovate information along with many other brilliant aspects. If we are oblivious to our surroundings than how can we respect them.

Ignorance and selfishness go hand in hand in my books: If you do not care about anything outside of your box, how can you respect yourself enough to respect anyone else. If people are not conscious, how can the conscience mind separate the good from the bad, especially if there isn't any faith or conviction of any sort. Religion aside, there are many specific things that in a sober normal mind state are automatically brushed aside by the conscience. Our body is something we need to maintain, every single aspect, even our mushy brain. The mind is in us to be open so that we can learn, expand, and imagine. Being conscious maintains conscientious actions and reactions.

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