Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What the F#ck?

O.k., so... Here we are, smack dab in the middle of a worldwide Economic crisis. Throughout the world, we've seen some fairly big attempts at fixing the situation, and I say attempts for the fact that that is merely what they are. Not attempts at actually fixing the economy but rather attempts and making it seem like they are doing something usual, for the people.

In the United States, congress allowed for a bill to be passed with an estimated amount of $878 billion. That money was used to give back to the banks, so that they could continue loaning money to people. So, instead of using all, or at least even a small portion of it on things such as education, medical/pharmaceutical needs, or rebuilding small business, they decided to help aid large Corporations and give the banks more money to lend to people who are already in debt. It may just be me, but I find it slightly confusing with the fact that there such a large quantity of money created out of thin air and it's main and sole purpose is to bring people, the citizens, further into debt.

In Canada, we now have the Ontario government combining the GST and PST tax, making for a spike of 8% in taxes. The reason for the tax-hike hasn't been made fully clear to me. Regardless of the reasoning, many products and services in Ontario are taxed provincially, only federally. Now, all of these products/services that were never charged with P.S.T. will be charged with both, since they are now becoming a Harmonized Sales Tax. The premiere, just before his election, had stated that there would be $1000.00 dollars given back to people, spread over two years, and only for the first two years. So in the middle of the worst worldwide economical crisis, us Ontarians will be forced to spend even more than we already can not afford. Logically put I think this economical bullsh!t is clearly not being handled in the best interests of the people, simply put, the people are now involuntarily digging their holes deeper.

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